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Newcut Expands its PhotoChemical Facility with Several Enhancements

Newcut has begun construction of a brand new, 20,000 square foot facility to expand our capacity from our existing 15,000 square foot site. The layout of the facility will allow us to improve our work flow and create efficiencies for the process. As part of the expansion, we will be adding new etching machines to increase our precision capabilities. Highly complex etched profiles and component features are achieved.  If you haven’t utilized this process previously and are interested in seeing a quick video overview, click here.

The facility is taking on several upgrades as well. We are installing a state-of-the-art waste management system. Environmental compliance costs, safety, and waste treatment and disposal are extremely important to the photo etching process. Newcut takes the waste management process very seriously and our new system addresses these issues with ease.


The new building will be energy efficient with LEED compliancy. We are installing environmental controls to more closely regulate temperature and humidity within the site. And of course the utmost importance is being placed on security as we are an ITAR facility.

The new site is scheduled to be operational at the beginning of 2016. Stay tuned for more updates!


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